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Fund's NAV Information

Fund's NAV as on  :   11-Jul-2024
NAV at Cost  :  BDT 131,857,146.28
NAV at MV  :  BDT 106,551,000.55
NAV/Unit at Cost  :  BDT 106.39
NAV/Unit at MV  :  BDT 85.97
Subscription Price  :  BDT 85.97
Surrender Price  :  BDT 85.57

Transaction Days: Sunday to Wednesday (10.00 AM to 04.00 PM)

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Fund's NAV as on  :   11-Jul-2024
NAV at Cost  :  BDT 549,982,569.28
NAV at MV  :  BDT 446,328,349.36
NAV/Unit at Cost  :  BDT 10.97
NAV/Unit at MV  :  BDT 8.90

Transaction Days: Sunday to Thursday (10.00 AM to 02.30 PM)

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Fund's NAV as on  :   11-Jul-2024
NAV at Cost  :  BDT 725,378,544.43
NAV at MV  :  BDT 578,488,478.48
NAV/Unit at Cost  :  BDT 10.85
NAV/Unit at MV  :  BDT 8.65

Transaction Days: Sunday to Thursday (10.00 AM to 02.30 PM)

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Support:+88-01847 054877 & +88-01847 054888

What We Do

Mutual Fund Management

CAPM's journey originated with the obsession to deliver global standard ethically managed mutual funds management services to the esteemed investors around the country. Our self designed investment strategies and process orientation will make your ride safe and above average return generating in the capital market of Bangladesh.

Through automation, standardization and centralization, our serviced Mutual Funds will generate positive returns regardless of stock market trends in the long run.

CAPM believes in a disciplined, ethical and methodical approach based on skill, information & efficiency to investing. It is the core of everything we do. CAPM's goal is to help our investor to make smart choices.

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Institutional Portfolio Management

It's never been more important to work with someone who lives and breathes investments. Someone who can take all the loose ends and tie them together into a neat little package - one that's relevant to you and you alone.

We appreciate the differences in financial goals among investors. Keeping this in mind, we offer a wide range of customized investment solutions to all our institutional clients.

Our IPMS services will allow you to:

    •Getting a help in Smart Investing

    •Routine income with growth

    •Hassle free day-to-day management

We offer Competitive Management Fees.

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Provident Fund Management

CAPM (Capital & Asset Portfolio Management) Company Limited with its promise of introducing modern fund management practices has come up with a very professionally designed ingenious fund management solution under the brand, Provident Fund Management Services. The Provident Fund Management Services has been intended to deliver better retirement benefits to the employees at their departure. This service will also strengthen the current social security system of the country. CAPM as a BSEC licensed Asset Management Company in Bangladesh offers three different services under Provident Fund Management Services.


Management of Provident Funds: We provide day-to-day investment management services to already established provident funds to maximize their employees' retirement benefits. We take utmost care to ensure that employees understand their schemes and investment benefits. We support the communication processes by offering user-friendly and informative communication tools. Effective communication services are also provided at both employer and employee levels. These include:

  • Dedicated service hotline
  • Informative Members' booklet
  • Quarterly fund fact sheets detailing the latest fund performance and investment strategy


Administration of Provident Funds: We take full responsibility for the day-to-day administration of your provident fund, including maintenance of records and accounts, payment of benefits and the issuance of regular statements. The company has been initiating the service to provide a full range of retirement scheme administration services for its clients and is committed to assist clients maximize the simplicity and flexibility of their retirement schemes, while minimizing their administration workload. We offer administrative services as per the guidance of clients' Trustee Board.


Provident Fund Setup Services: We assist our clients to setup new provident fund schemes for their respective organizations.

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Technology Oriented Services

Our enhanced technological services will allow all our respected investors to track their investment values on the move. Our technological services include

*SMS Related Services

*Online Balance Inquiry

*Online Fund Subscription and Surrender Services

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Sectoral Allocation

CAPM BDBL Mutual Fund 01

(as on 11-Jul-2024)

CAPM Unit Fund

(as on 11-Jul-2024)

CAPM IBBL Islamic Mutual Fund

(as on 11-Jul-2024)

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